Other Podcasts

Most weeks, someone puts me behind a mic and we get to record a podcast. And sometimes, I also get to produce them. Here's a few that I'm working on right now.

I've Only Been Wrong Twice

Probably horrible advice from Danny Palmer & Elizabeth Martin, every week. Each episode we go through 3-4 listener-submitted questions, we give those listeners fake names, and we answer their questions as best as we can.

Roles: Co-host, Executive Producer.

Produced by Proud & Disgusted.

The Dannyprose Podcast

Every week or so Danny Palmer interviews interesting people who aren't famous (but should be) about what they are passionate about.

Roles: Host, Executive Producer.

Produced by Proud & Disgusted and Cassie Greer.

Lost 'N Portland

Getting lost in passion leads to purpose, where you unexpectedly find your authentic self. Each week Chris Franklin has conversations with local creatives and thought leaders about getting lost in the landscapes that inspire their work.

Roles: Executive Producer

Find Your Own Forest

Every week Jayne Forest shares interviews with fitness professionals, transformation stories, spiritual inspiration, motivational tips, nutrition information, any anything that might help you discover your own higher quality of life and deeper understanding.

Roles: Creative Director, Executive Producer.